Sonic Heavy Soul

The Paradise Reals - We Speak For Earth

Choten - Pure


Title / Artist: Pure - Choten
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH021
Release Date: 02/09/22

1 - Acid Dread
2 - Symmetry
3 - The Bass Design
4 - Choten
5 - Battles
6 - Jump Funk
7 - Stealth
8 - Digital Warning
9 - Eternity
10 - Pure
11 - The Where Are?

The Paradise Reals - A Better World

Title / Artist: A Better World - The Paradise Reals 
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH019
Release Date: 01/06/22

1 - A Better World
2 - Neptune
3 - Dub for You

The latest release from The Paradise Reals is a 3 track Techno and Breakbeat trilogy.

‘A Better World’ is a return to the melody and atmosphere of producer Matt Jarrett’s previous work. An opening full of optimism and beauty that morphs and evolves towards a more bass heavy final third. 'Neptune' opens with a solid groove and Detroit style synth lines and melodies, moving towards a blissful drop. This giving way as the groove slams back in, continuing in hypnotic fashion. a personal favourite. ‘Dub for You’ strikes a different chord as a solid 4/4 club beat. Full of distant dub sounds, driving swung rhythms and wicked drops. Another interesting change in style that showcases a diversity of sound and refusal to conform with each release.

The Paradise Reals - Who Owns The Future?

Who Owns The Future?

Title / Artist: Who Owns The Future? - The Paradise Reals 
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH017
Release Date: 29/10/21

1 - Who Owns The Future?

The latest single from The Paradise Reals is an epic inovative fusion of Techno and Electro Funk, taking the listener on an emotion driven journey. Producer Matt Jarrett continues to deliver with his multi-media project, creating artwork and accompanying animation pieces for each release.

Spike - Ultrareal


Title / Artist: Ultrareal - Spike
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH016
Release Date: 15/10/21

1 - Ultrareal
2 - Planet People

Spike hits hard with 2 solid tracks on a heavy future-funk tip. Taking in influences from breakbeat, electro and bass sounds, creating a pumping kaleidoscope of phat beats and electronic textures. A diversion in style but still identified as Spike with a more euphoric vibe from producer Matt Jarrett.
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