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Sonic Heavy Soul

The Paradise Reals

Label: Sonic Heavy Records
Catalog No: SH008
Release Date: 30/11/18


1 Revolution 
2 Revolution (Projection Mix)
3 Revolution (Tommy Mundell Soul-Lution Mix)
4 Revolution (Broken Spectrum Reconstruction)

An idea from a dream that’s becoming a reality for producer Matt Jarrett. Realising the potential of Detroit Techno and it’s influence on modern music culture, he’s creating a sound that fuses different styles but maintaining a soul that is distinct to the genre. A studio has been especially setup for the project with choice pieces of analogue tech he has collected. In an effort to establish a unique take, mixing in a love of Breakbeat and Dub Reggae and focusing on collaboration with singers and talented producers.

A lofty ambition. Matt considers Detroit Techno his most powerful influence because of it being as he describes “a Pandora’s box with the lid off”. It’s creators, with their first bold visions, still amongst it’s greatest moments. Presented a brave idea to move music further into the future but with real soul and depth of emotion, inspiring a generation of producers. It became the main emphasise behind the record company he founded, Sonic Heavy. Merging a long held love of UK breakbeat demonstrated with his work on Marine Parade and you have the melting pot of influences that’s unique to this record.

This first 4 track release for the ambitious project is titled, ‘Revolution’, A timely and much needed social commentary within a pounding bass-heavy icon for the dance-floors, featuring the vocal talents of singer songwriter Rachel Bernard. Plus 3 fantastic reconstructions from Broken Spectrum, Tommy Mundell and Matt Jarrett. Expect much more from this project in the near future with further singles and album soon to come.
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